Back-to-School Guide for Parents

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Aug 7
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School is back in session! Whether your child will be attending classes, playing sports, or participating in co-curricular activities they'll need to keep themselves healthy and happy. We've got all of the tips you could ever hope for so that this school year goes off without a hitch!

Back-to-school physicals are essential for all children ranging from preschool to college. Even if your child is healthy and feels fine, it’s important to have them scheduled for their routine annual check-up.

Below is our guide to the benefits of school physicals and some tips to keep your child going strong this semester.

1. Vaccinations

Get your children an annual medical check-up and make sure all their vaccinations are up-to-date.

2. Staying hydrated

Drink lots of water and give your children a dedicated water bottle. Keep soda and other sugary drinks to a minimum.

3. Eating healthy

Add lots of fruits and vegetables to their diet. Don’t use food as a reward, and be a role model when it comes to eating healthy.

4. Managing allergies

Make sure you know all the symptoms of your child’s allergies and teach them to recognize some and prevent them.

5. Setting a routine

A good daily routine builds a healthy habit that children carry on as they grow up. It allows them to manage their time.

6. Good hygiene habits

Teach them what social distancing is, and instruct them on watching their hands regularly and keeping their mask on.

7. Staying active

Let them go outside and play! Staying active is an important part of how children socialize and it improves mental health.

8. Sleeping well

Establish a healthy sleeping time so that children can wake up feeling completely refreshed for a new school day.

9. Checking for head lice

School-age children are the most prone to getting head lice. It’s good practice to run their hair through a thin comb once every week just to be sure.

10. Knowing when to take a day off

Listen to children talk about their anxieties and know when to keep them at home (e.g. if they’re under the weather or show symptoms of viral infections).

Benefits of Back-to-School Physicals

Back-to-school physicals are essential for all children ranging from preschool to college. Even if your child is healthy and feels fine, it’s important to have them scheduled for their routine annual check-up before they go back to school. 

A back-to-school physical can benefit them in more ways than one, and you might end up learning more about your child and their current health than you thought you would. When it’s time for your child to go back to school, keep a few physical exam benefits in mind.

1. Stop the Spread of Disease

There are some illnesses and diseases that don’t show immediate symptoms. If your child is ill without any symptoms, then this will be detected during their physical. It’s important for all children to be screened for illness before returning to school in order to prevent the spread of disease.

This is also the time to ensure your child is caught up on all their vaccinations. When all children attending a school are up to date with their vaccinations, then there will be a less likely chance of children getting sick and spreading it to others on the school campus.

2. Assess Past Injuries

If your child engages in school sports, then an annual physical is even more essential. This physical will ensure your child is in good enough health to play the sport of their choice. If they suffered from past injuries, then these injuries can be assessed as well. If something isn’t healing properly, it’ll be addressed. 

3. Monitor Their Growth

Physical examinations are also a great way to monitor your child’s growth. It’s always amazing to see how much they’ve grown over the year. You’ll also know if your child is reaching the appropriate developmental milestones for their age. If their behind in any way, the doctor will be able to go over these problem areas with you. Remember, some issues you can’t see, such as vision and hearing problems. 

4. Build a Trusting Relationship

Keeping up with these appointments is also a great way to build a trusting relationship with your child’s doctor. Once you and your child visit the doctor for multiple annual physicals, you and your child will become more comfortable going to the appointments.

The doctor will also know your child better and know what problem areas are being worked on, such as correcting vision.

We love children here. We go above and beyond to make sure the children that visit us at Heal360 are happy and healthy and always in the best care possible. Book your appointment now and make sure your child is in the best health for the school year.