Urgent Care

When your doctor's appointment is inconvenient or you need a quick check-up for mild injuries or illnesses without having to wait, we can help you get the care that matters most. With our urgent cares around town, there will always be a place to go when it hurts.

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What is URGENT care?

Urgent care centers are the best option for receiving efficient, onsite treatment.

For patients with acute medical concerns, which are sudden and still require prompt attention, urgent care centers are the best option for receiving efficient, onsite treatment.

When you need medical attention that but don't have time for a visit to the doctor there's always urgent care. It is an essential tool in maintaining your overall health and wellness because when primary physicians aren’t available it provides cost effective and convenient access to quality healthcare without all of those extra miles travelled!


We provide treatments for a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses

Cold or flu
Strep throat
Minor burns and cuts
Minor broken bones

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Urgent Care is not a substitute for an ER Visit

Emergency rooms serve as treatment centers for patients experiencing physical trauma and life-threatening illnesses. ER staff often serves large populations and must prioritize treatment for the most critical conditions.

It’s important to go to the ER when you are truly in need of life-saving medical care. If your condition doesn’t put you at risk for further injury or death, then you can seek treatment at an urgent care center like Heal 360.

What are the benefits of urgent care?

Patients with non-life-threatening conditions reap a number of benefits when they opt for an urgent care center. Some of the benefits of urgent care include:

  • Short wait times

  • Lower costs

  • Onsite diagnosis and treatment

  • No appointment necessary

  • Broad spectrum of care (everything from STD testing to pneumonia treatment)